Level 0 - Coding Standard with EditorConfig

Level Up Coding Standard

Editor Config, an INI¹ format based configuration system that let you establish project level coding standard; It allows configuring: indentation style, indentation size, line width and more.

What is EditorConfig solving?

Whenever we work in a team, we set up some ground rules to work efficiently; in the programming world, those ground rules are coding standard. 

Coding standards may include:

Level 0  — Universal file text configuration: indentation style, line width, line ending, indentation size.

Level 1  — Programming languages based: block style, comment style, method naming, class naming.

Level 2  —  Project Level Workflow: the process regarding development to deployment. It is more of the management side. 

EditorConfig does support all of level-0 and some of level-1 configuration. Level 2 is out of scope for it (?).

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